Jo-Anne Reyneke Reveals She Once Had A Miscarriage

Jo-Anne Reyneke has shared that she once had a miscarriage in a recent interaction with fans.

Some situations never really leave you. You remember it like it was yesterday, but you become stronger as the days pass by. Mzansi star Jo-Anne Reyneke recently opened up about one of the most painful occurrences in her life.

She appeared in a recent Q&A with fans and opened up about some of the things she’s passionate about, what she likes in a man and the pain she has been through in the past. Even with the children she has now, a fan asked her if she had ever had a miscarriage.

Replying, she revealed that she has “gone through that pain. She further revealed that it needed to be told. Answering other questions, Jo-Anne shared that she’s been taking care of her sister’s children since she passed. Shout out to her for being so strong.

Jo-Anne Reyneke Reveals She Once Had A Miscarriage 2

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