Jobe London Addresses Death Rumor

South African musician Jobe London is not sick and has not died from the same rumored illness, contrary to what is circulating out there. And to ensure peeps desist from spreading rumors about his death and also defaming him, he has reached out to his attorneys, who threatened legal action, should anyone continue to spread rumors about him.

The songster’s legal representatives, Azania Legal Advisory and Consultancy, issued a statement to that effect, which Jobe London shared on his Instagram page.

Apparently, before anyone can say anything false about Jobe London, they have to apply discretion and be clear. Lol. The document itself is wordy and turgid and will probably end up confusing social media trolls. You can check out the document below. We could only read a part of it. The reason should be apparent presently.

Jobe London Addresses Death Rumor 2

By the way, Jobe London is not the first South African musician to have been rumored ill and dead. But he’s taking the rumors way too seriously than most. Zola 7, a more famous music figure, for instance, had not threatened legal action when he was rumored dead.

What do you think of the statement, though? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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