Joe Budden Explains Eminem Alleged ‘Bang’ Single Diss

Will dissing ever stop in the world of music? Doubtful, for to expect total amity among artistes in the world – or even in a country – is to expect the impossible.

So when new popped online that Eminem had dissed culture critic and one-time rapper Joe Budden, not many were taken by surprise. This is especially true as Eminem and Joe Budden have had a “tiff” previously.

In the world of disses, Eminem has got a sturdy throne, as can be seen from past diss tracks, including the unforgettable “Killshot,” directed at MGK (Machine Gun Kelly).

Well, it appears his latest diss track is not a formal release but a leaked version of his single “Bang.” The diss has elicited missed reaction, including from the person on whose head Eminem appears to have broken a bottle.

Joe Budden was pretty calm about the supposed diss. To the surprise of many, he even explained it away as an old verse, which he thought Paul Rosenberg leaked. He said one doesn’t get offended by old verses. Looks like the way to go, yes?

Well, what do you think of the dissing of Joe Budden in the leaked tune. We invite you to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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