Joe Budden Turns Down 6ix9ine Interview, Gives Reasons

Controversial rapper won’t be appearing on ‘s podcast. has revealed that much himself, giving reasons.

According to the American broadcaster, the interview with the “TROLLZ” star would have been the biggest in his career yet, but he turned it down, even when ‘s team offered to pay him for it.

He said he is choosing integrity over numbers and over money. According to the former rapper, 6ix9ine would have used the opportunity of a sit-down to expose those who messed with him in secret but are not confident enough to do so in person. Joe said he wouldn’t be part of something that would have been nasty.

6ix9ine is said to have a record of snitching on former friends and gang members and has been denounced for his actions by some industry chiefs, including Snoop Dogg. You can check out the clip below for a full list of those he allegedly snitched on.

According to , 6ix9ine’s team also approached Gillie Da Kid, another podcaster, for an interview but he rejected it as well

By the way, revealed his stand, on not interviewing the controversial rapper, in an episode of his podcast, which you can check out below and let us know what you think, in the comment section.

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