Joel Booysen Addresses Nadia Nakai Dating Rumours

Rumoure recnetly hit the town that South African rapper Nadia Nakai is in a relationship with Cape Town club boss Jopey Booyse, the son of the Sexy Boys gang boss Jerome “Donkie” Booysen.

But what does Joeybhave to say about the claim they are dating? Well, he was unapologetically dismissive of it.

A TikTok video showing him and Nadia Nakai dancing together had provoked rumours of them dating. But in a soft reaction to the claim, Joey pointed out that the claims of them dating are untrue.

According to him, Nadia Nakai is more like a sister to him. He even sells himself a a friend to the rapper’s lain boyfriend AKA, perhaps also implying that a relationship between them is also off as a result.

While some South Africans appeared chill with taking his claims that they are “family” and not dating, Some would not be convinced. Either way, the coming days should reveal a lot more about their relationship. And, of course, we will bring the edetils to you.

Nadia Nakai’s last relationship was with AKA. He, unfortunately, died by assassination on Febraury 10 last year, leaving her desolated and in grief. She is gearing up to release new music in his honour

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