Johnny Clegg’s Family Forbids Luring Sharks With His Music

Late Mbaqanga singer, Johnny Clegg’s family bars the use of his song to lure sharks into cages from the deep sea.

A Shark operator named Shaggy Charters had wanted to use the legendary artist’s song to attract white sharks into cages at the southern Algoa Bay, this he said to give the operation  an African touch.

Now the late singers family have come out to say they do not agree with the idea because it stands against what the singer stands for. The family went on that the singer is against forcing any kind of animal into any condition they don’t willingly agree to.

Johnny Clegg is a legendary South African singer who went against all odds to start a mixed singing group during the apartheid era and according to the family it is quite sadden that his legacy be used in such despicable manner.

Johnny Clegg died July 2019, he was 66 years old at that time.

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