Johnny Depp Testifies in Defamation Case Against Amber Heard (Video)

The court battle between Amber Heard and her estranged partner Johnny Depp continues, with the latter testifying in court yesterday that contrary to what Amber had presented, she was the one who abused him. 

In his testimony, Johnny Depp noted that he didn’t deserve the treatment he got from Amber, nor did his children. He said he prides himself in truth and honesty, and that’s what he’s interested in at trial. 

The celebrated actor had filed a defamation suit against Amber Heard in response to a Washington Post op-ed she had written about him. In that post, she had accused him of abusing her while they were together. 

The a for denied the allegations at trial,  noting that he has never struck Amber in the way she claimed, nor has he struck any woman in his life. As far as Depp is concerned, Amber’s claims are not founded on truth. 

Regretting the damage the allegations against him have done to his career, Depp noted that it’s regrettable that his ex’s allegations against him have affected his relationships in Hollywood and even made him lose acting roles.

Away from the courtroom, opinions have been divided as it is in the courtroom. Some social media users think Amber Heard is just trying to ruin Depp’s career, while others believe Depp is in the wrong. 

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