Join Dumi Mkostad For A Gospel Takeover On Trace

Dumi Mkokstad to host a Gospel takeover on Trace

Dumi Mkokstad to host a Gospel takeover on Trace.

The world as we used to know it is not the same anymore. Everyday there’s more news about the spread of the Coronavirus which has left many scared. Music has been a constant help in giving hope to people in the midst of it all.

Certainly a full day of Gospel music is all we need to keep hope alive. The Trace Gospel music channel obviously understands this because they are hosting a total Gospel take over featuring singer, Dumi Mkokstad today and on the 24th. Cool right? We think so too.

Thing is, it has already began. Sorry, if you didn’t catch the first two shows because they already aired; the first at 8AM and the second at 11AM. The third show will air at 6PM on TraceGospel. The announcement was made by Dumi via Instagram. The schedule on the 24th will be at 9AM, 4PM and 7PM.

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