JoJo Reacts To Drake Dropping A Project Same Day As Her

JoJo Reacts To Drake Dropping A New Project Same Day As Her

Jojo reacts to Drake dropping a new project the same day as her.

Would you say Drake stole Jojo’s moment, because that’s what it looks like. Well, it’s all love and there are no grudges here so move along. Everyone knows the “Get Out” hit maker has been promoting the album titled “Good To Know” for a while on social media. Finally, she has released it and fans are loving the album.

The album was previously the most talked about project on social media until Drake announced the release of his surprise mixtape “Dark Lane Demo Tapes”. The new mixtape became even more talked about on social media before it dropped. This prompted a reaction from Jojo who tweeted “Damn Drake“.

Since the release of “Good To Know” the 9-track R&B album has received love from many celebs including Mariah Carey, and Missy Elliott. She revealed it is divided into 3 parts;

The first being: here’s what I do to numb myself. Get me out of my skin and let me be distracted with love, sex, substances. The middle part finds me realizing that I need to be on my own for the first time in my life to end patterns that aren’t serving me anymore. Toward the end, I knock on the door of self-love. Accepting where I’ve been and meeting myself where I’m at.

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