Jojo Robinson Of RHOD Addresses The Cons Of Her Many Plastic Surgeries

Jojo Robinson is famous for her many tattoos, and they formed part of the discussions she had during a sit-down with Carol Ofori on the set of East Coast Radio (ECR).

An unapologetic tattoo lover, Jojo is covered in tattoos – 70 per cent of her body. And she plans to get inked some more before the year runs out. She also spoke about the number of plastic surgeries she had had, noting that despite her loving the work done to her body, there were still cons to the procedure.

She recalled that her very first procedure was a boob job. After the breast augmentation, other procedures followed. She made it clear that it was not exactly a walk in the park, as she suffered severe pain from her procedures for a while.

The pains may have gone but the memories of them are ever-fresh. She has had several surgeries and even claimed to have lost count at some point, pinning the number to at least 10 but less than 20.

Jojo is married to a wealthy man who readily shoulders the bills from her choices. In fact, her man is equally an avid tattoo lover but he is not as inked as Jojo.

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