Jonathan Majors Reportedly Dating Meagan Good

Life must go on. That is the current reality about the life of actor Jonathan Majors, who was recently accused of gender-based violence. Amid his legal woes, the thespian has managed to snag a new lover, Meagan Good.

A report by TMZ described the couple’s relationship as “fairly new,” indicating they are still getting to know each other amid the Majors’ legal battles.

Last weekend, the couple reportedly had a movie date at the Alamo Drafthouse in Los Angeles. This further stoked curiosity about their relationship. At the time of writing, however, neither of them has confirmed they have anything going on.

Also, their representatives have been quiet on the possible relationship between the two. Whatever is going on between Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors, it is only a matter of time before the details blow into the open. And when that happens, we will share it with you.

Majors hugged headlines recently when he got allegedly into an altercation with his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari. He is currently facing a criminal charge. It remains to be seen how he would wrangle his way out of that legal hole and focus on his latest love interest. Stay tuned for details if you please.

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