JR Explains What He Considers The Most Before Hopping On A Collabo

South African rapper, JR, has released hit tracks while collaborating with other artists. In his early career, the talented rapper has collaborated with HHP, the ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker, AKA, and so on.

JR is now a notable rapper in the South African music scene and we are wondering what it will take for upcoming artists to feature him on their songs.

JR has taken to his Twitter page to explain what really matters should an artist approach him on Twitter. He stated that money is not his first consideration for a collaboration.

Most rappers would believe that JR would charge a high fee but the talented rapper is more bothered about the record.

He tweeted:

It’s not about money brother. It’s about the record.

JR recently joined the league of artists that have collaborated with foreign stars. The talented rapper collaborated with Jamaican and Chinese artists. JR featured the talented Jamaican singer, deejay, and rapper, Koffee, as well as the popular Chinese band credited for releasing over 70 albums in the past.

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