JR Reveals How Much He Misses Teargas

Award-winning South African rapper, JR, has expressed how much he misses the South African trio, Teargas.

You would assume that the ‘As Time Goes’ hitmaker just separated with the trio a week ago, just the way fans can seem to get over their separation.

The talented rapper is the latest artist to express how much he misses Teargas.

The popular trio separated as far back as 2012. This happened around the time Ntukza, the third member, revealed how he felt like he was the Michelle (Destiny’s Child) of the group.

JR said:

Cash Time was launched in 2007 without my knowledge, by K.O and Ma-E. This was a year after Teargas’ successful first year in the industry.

Ntuza continued working with the company despite the secrecy. It was until last year that he departed.

Ntukza stated:

I decided to pull out when I saw the name was changed to Cash Time Life last year.

He revealed that he discovered Cash Time Company had transformed into Cash Time Life on Twitter.

He continued:

If you listen to music they’ve put out since ‘Life’ was added you’ll hear that I’m not featured in any of their tracks. I think the guys decided on starting the company without my knowledge because I had been receiving a fixed salary as a lecturer, so maybe they thought they should also get income elsewhere.

Ntukza and K.O still remain good friends. They have even collaborated on a number of singles despite their fallout from Teargas.

When fans asked if there was a chance the members would get back together, K.O replied that there was no chance.

JR is also a notable rapper in the Mzansi hip hop scene and he continues to be a great fan of Teargas.

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