J’Something Clinches Guinness World Record With Virtual Cook Along For Charity

South African musician and chef J’Something has clinched a Guinness World Record for the biggest virtual cook along ever and he’s so excited about it. Who wouldn’t be?

In a post to prior to his official attempt, the songster had shared his dreams of breaking the record. He said there was too many things to write about but managed to thank those who have been there for him and those who’ll be cooking along.

The virtual cook along initiative was to raise funds for the Reach for a Dream Foundation, a body taking care of children with terminal illnesses.

J’Something aced the virtual cook along event on his first attempt, becoming the second South African musician to earn a Guinness World Record, after MoFaya’s DJ Sbu. Excited, J’Something had taken to social media immediately, screaming, “We made it!!!!” His excitement was shared by fellow South Africans,

J’Something is a member of the Mi Casa band. Other members of this collective are Dr Duda and Mo-T. The group recently celebrated 10 on the music scene with an album dedicated to their journey,” We Made It.”

With his Guinness World Record win, J’Something can happily repeat, without fear of conviction for mendacity, “We Made it.” Or what do you think?

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