Jub Jub And Kelly Khumalo Celebrate Their Son Christian At 12

Jub Jub and Kelly Khumalo’s Christian recently turned 12, and they both eagerly celebrated him, although they’re no longer an item. Both took to their social media pages to share their thoughts and wishes for him. 

In a post to his verified Instagram page, Jub Jub wished Christian a happy birthday, letting him k ow that he loves him very much. He let the kid k ow that he believes in him and that life won’t succeed in knocking him down as long as he, Jub Jub, is alive. 

Jub Jub And Kelly Khumalo Celebrate Their Son Christian At 12 2

For her part, Kelly Khumalo shared a slide on her Instagram page, which showed Christian standing behind her. She wrote that she would carry him on her back until he was strong, wise and old enough to stand on his own. She said she would fight and block everything that stands in the way of Christian becoming why God has planned for him. The second slide showed Christian’s birthday cake. You can check out her post below. 

By the way, Christian recently had a brush with the authorities of the school he attends. He was expelled for bringing weed to school. He reportedly stole the weed from Kelly Khumalo’s current boyfriend, a former footballer.

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