Jub Jub Denounces The Jaziel Brothers Following “Ndikhokhele (Remake)” Success

2020 was a big year for Mzansi muso Jub Jub, thanks to the success of his song “Ndikhokhele (Remix),” which featured the greats – or some fine voices in Mzansi music, if you please.

In a sit-down with Slikour, the songster had noted that the profits from the song will go to the families of victims of the accident he had caused when he was drunk and driving years ago.

During the interview, he had noted that not everyone was happy for the success of the remix, which trended almost as soon as it was released. Specifically, he mentioned the Jaziel brothers, who had worked with him on the original song but who didn’t feature in the remix.

He accused the Jaziel brothers of being bitter about the success of the remix, although it was their decision not to work with him on it. He said he wasn’t afraid to mention names because the world needs to know what people have to deal with in the industry – fakes.

Jub Jub also claimed that the Jaziel brothers were never big but shot to prominence because of the success of the original song (“Ndikhokhele”). Now they imagine themselves on the same pedestal with him.

You can check out the full interview below.

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