Jub Jub Hilariously Confronted By Gqeberha Man To Leave amaXhosa Alone

Jub Jub Dismisses Rape Allegations, Files Suit Against His Accusers

A recent video shows “Uyajola 9/9” star Jub Jub being confronted by a Gqeberha man to leave amaXhosa alone and scout for cheaters in other provinces.

It is difficult to imagine someone else hosting the anti-cheating show “Uyajola 9/9.” Jub Jub has made quite an impression on the viewers and has delivered a satisfying show on every episode of the show that has aired.

He has also seen a lot of mishaps happen while filming the show. We are not sure he’s seen something as funny as the one captured in a recent video. The video was posted by user @LessyJantjie and shows a man spotting Jub Jub and his Uyajola 9/9 crew.

According to the video, Jub Jub is seen trying to hunt down a cheater when the man spots him. The man walks up to him and introduces himself as a representative for the people of Gqeberha. He tells Jub Jub to stop making their province the target of Moja Love’s anti-cheating show, “Uyajola 9/9.”

He further advises him to start checking out other provinces, including the North West and white. The man also adds that he’s never seen him rain Jerusalem, referencing popular cheating characters in the bible. Check the video out here.