Jub Jub Is Accused of Scamming ‘Ngiyaz’fela’ Producer

Mzansi rapper and TV host, Jub Jub has been accused of scamming and blocking “Ngiyaz’fela” producer.

We often hear about artists or producers not getting royalties from the songs they worked on. It is happening again, and this time, Jub Jub is caught in the midst of it. The Mzansi artist is being accused by a struggling student and producer of stealing his song and not paying him royalties.

Named Zethembe Nkosi, he revealed he produced the song, and Jub Jub jumped on it. Unfortunately, he blocked him everywhere after the song dropped and did not pay him royalties. He said,

“I’ve been receiving DMs from lawyers, but they want money upfront to open a file before working on my case, and at the moment, I don’t even have funding. I don’t even have food at my place as we speak, but I have a big song on the internet, so it’s bad.”

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