Jub Jub & Lerato Kganyago Stepped On Each Other’s Toes Over Current Riots And Looting

A little crisis is enveloping South Africa, with people rioting in the streets and looting, too. Jub jub, who has apparently been observing the situation, is averse to the word “hooligan” as description for the rioters and looters.

He blames the incidents of looting and rioting on leaders who had failed the people, and the failed system. He accused the leaders of having misled and lied  to the people for years, hence their unleashing their grievances in form of riots.

Lerato Khganyago, who had not been impressed by Jub Jub’s response to the situation, accused the “Ndikokhele (Remake)” artiste of generalization, as well as sending the wrong message out there.

She insisted that there are other  influential people who were just as frustrated with the situation. She stated that the looting by government began about four months ago and was the result of what has been happening for a couple of years.

Irritated by her response, Jub Jub had fired back, wondering who appointed Lerato the minister of the right  message. He insisted he’s entitled to his opinion, j just as she’s entitled to hers. Check out the exchange below.

What do you think of Jub Jub and Lerato Kganyago’s social media quarrel? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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