Jub Jub Shares The Making Process For His New Single Release, Ngi Thembe Wena

Artiste release songs and fans just vibe with it ― with only a few caring for details on the making of the songs. Anyway, for those curious about the making of Jub Jub’s latest song, “Ngi Thembe Wena,” the muso has got the details for you.

In a recent post to Instagram, the songster had shared a clip of the making of his latest number, loudly hyping it as the greatest, even though it has not done ― nor is it close to doing― the numbers of his “Ndikhokhele (Remake).”

In the high-energy video of the making of “Ngi Thembe Wena,” could be seen in the studio with his pals, rocking his number. The aesthetics of the studio, as well as the group’s white ensemble, cannot be missed.

By the way, has been among the most vocal following the unrest that followed the arrest of Jacob Zuma. He had denounced those who who had described the black looters as hooligans.

What do you think of Jub Jub’s video on the making of “Ngi Thembe Wena”? do you share the songster’s hype that his number is actually the greatest? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.