Jub Jub Talks About The Moment He Knocked Over School Kids & Prison

Jub Jub talks about running the school kids over years ago and his experiences in prison

Jub Jub talks about how he felt after running the school kids over many years ago, and his experiences years back.

Honestly, how Mzansi rapper and TV star, Jub Jub has managed to turn his life around since leaving prison has been inspiring to watch. The Mzansi star hit rock bottom many years back when he and a friend ran a couple of school kids over while driving high.

While we have heard so much about what went down that day, we haven’t really heard his own side of the story. In a recent interview on MetroFM, the TV star finally opened up about how he felt when the accident happened. He admitted he was living a fast life at the time, and felt it made him slow down.

He also shared his experience in prison, revealing he made a lot of friends there who protected him, and who he later employed because the government wouldn’t. He said,

“It just went blank. I know God knows everybody knows the truth. And all I said was that God let your will be done. I was living a very fast life, so if that was a way of making me take a step back I was like ‘cool’ I will go on lockdown and I will listen, for the first time in my entire life. I literally grew up in Church but for the first time in my life that’s when I understood what God was saying.

 “So when they said 25 years, I just went blank. I bowed my head and i said Amen, I went inside but when I walked out I thought I am going to get f$%#kid. Because what I know about prison is that it s*^*^x everywhere. I was thrown into a lion’s den but when I got there I bumped into a whole lot of lions who protected me. And today i came out with some of those lions who I’ve employed because the government won’t.

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