Jub Jub Talks Getting 2nd Chance, & SA Being A Forgiving Nation

After a brief stint in prison, Jub Jub should be grateful for life out of bars. And he is.

The songster had been involved in drunken driving and ended up running over scool children. He had been convicted for manslaughter and did time in jail.

Out of jail now, he would gladly tell anyone who would listen that there are thousands of things to be grateful for, most especially freedom. Jub Jub has apparently learned a lot from his experiences and now runs a vibrant motivational speaking circuit.

Out of jail, he had become a presenter, treating fans to a show called Uyajola 99, a hit with the public. Following the massive success of his song “Ndikhokhele (Remix),” he had stated that he quit his presenting role, stating he wanted to focus on music.

He may no longer handle the Uyajola 99 show, hut he still has his eyes on presenting and much launch a personal initiative in that direction soon.

Given his life trajectory and the forgiveness he had experienced after his manslaughter conviction, Jub Jub is grateful for a second chance at life, describing South Africa as a forgiving nation.

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Anusie John

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