Jub Jub To Host Free Concert, Release Drop New Album

The coronavirus pandemic had apparently sapped some people’s energy and they wouldn’t mind an exuberant break vibing with good music. Enter Jub Jub, who is here to provide just that.

The South African musician and television personality has just announced plans for a 45-minute free concert in 2021. The free stage performance would be his token of appreciation to club DJs, event promoters, fans, and others who booked him and everyone else who had supported him in 2017, when he was at the lowest point in his life and career.

Back then the muso had even accused of manslaughter. He had apparently knocked down a student while drunk driving.

Well, beside the planned free gig in 2021, Jub Jub, who recently joined the advocacy against women abuse, is launching a new album as well.

By the way, besides music, Jub Jub provides himself as a motivational speaker, encouraging others on the part of personal growth. His Instagram page is filled with apothegms which might interest. Well, you may take this as an invitation to check them out. Here’s one for starters: “Don’t’ ever forget the one who turned the light on for you.”

Does 2021 appear too far away? Well, you may want to check out the muso’s profile while awaiting the album and concert.

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