Jub Jub’s Mother, Mama Jackie Loses Case Against Amanda Du-Pont & Masechaba Ndlovu

Jub Jub’s mother Jacqueline “Mama Jackie” Mpambani’s case against Amanda Du-Pont and Masechaba Ndlovu has been dismissed by a high court in Johannesburg.

Mama Jackie had filed an urgent application asking that the two women remove their social media posts in which they had claimed that her son Jub Jub raped them. She’d also demanded a retraction and an apology.

However, instead of an apology and a retraction, both women had filed an answering affidavit.

Ruling on Mama Jackie’s case against both women, judge Shanaaz Mia noted that the reliefs Mama Jackie sought in her application – that is the taking down of the posts made by both women – would tantamount to a gag order.

According to the judge, she was not satisfied with Mama Jackie’s call for urgency. At the end of her ruling, she had also slammed Mama Jackie with a cost order.

The whole controversy actually started with Jub Jub staring during an interview that he “smashed” Amanda Du-Pont. The actress had responded instantly, claiming in a video posted on her Instagram page that Jub Jub actually raped her for two years.

Her claim apparently emboldened Masechaba Ndlovu, who claim in a tweet that Jub Jub raped her as well.

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