Jub Jub’s Mother Responds To Amanda Du-Pont Rape Allegations

Jub Jub’s mother has joined the fray and responded to Amanda Du-Pont’s rape allegations against him.

Apparently, unlike what many out there might think, she’s a strong believer in her son’s innocence. Molemo “Jub Jub” Maarohanye couldn’t have raped anyone. She was specific about the current case.

The crisis began after Jub Jub appeared as a guest on  Podcast and Chill, during which he detailed his relationship with Amanda du-Pont, stating that he “smashed” (had sex with) her.

Reacting to the interview, Amanda had shared a video in which she detailed her relationship with him, noting that he abused her sexually and emotionally. One of his quirks was in raping her with her family around, according to her.

Her claims provoked mixed reactions online and led to three other women coming forward with similar rape claims, including Masechaba Ndlovu.

Jub Jub is adamant the rape allegations against him are all false. In fact, he’s requesting a retraction as well as an apology from Amanda Du-Pont and others. But the women have filed a joint suit against him instead.

With Jub Jub’s mother joining the ray and insisting on her son’s innocence, the stage appears set for more drama. Stay tuned.

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