Juicy Jay Gets A Warm Welcome In Nigeria

There is something juicy in the bag. No, no, no, we mean that BB Titans reality show star and many people’s favourite at some point Juicy Jay Siya has just made it to Nigeria for a visit. And yes, there is palpable excitement over his coming.

Not only is Juicy J happy to be in Nigeria, but he is also happy to show his delight in the country as well. Hours after wising a happy Ramadan Mubarak to his Muslim brothers, he had pictures of him “out and about on the streets of Lagos.”

In one of the pictures, he is seen traipsing down the street. In another, he is seen holding the door of what appears to be a Toyota SUV – probably about to get into the vehicle. He had gone on Instagram Live earlier, where he charmed his followers with some lines.

Juicy Jay Gets A Warm Welcome In Nigeria 2Juicy Jay Gets A Warm Welcome In Nigeria 3

Speaking about how he made it to Big Brother Mzansi, he confessed that he auditioned for the show when he was drunk. Fortunately, that didn’t work against him, as he was eventually selected as one of the housemates for the first-ever BB Titans reality show.

Given the raptures that have been following him everywhere, we wouldn’t be surprised if Nigerian would have him have an extended stay in the country

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