Julia Fox Drops Some Sauce on Upcoming Book After Breakup Up With Ye

Julia Fox has got a new book on the way, and it promises to tell a lot about her life – including stuff they probably never knew about her relationship with rapper Kanye West.

Oh, well, that was what some of her fans had said at the outset, but she had clarified the upcoming book would not be a memoir. So, West might not pop in the pages after all.

Julia Fox dated Kanye West briefly. Oh, some people will object to the use of the word dated because the relationship ended almost as soon as it started. So the preference is a “fling.”

Either way, the relationship ended, and the two of them continued with their lives – Julia focusing on a new book.

Because she’s superstitious, she had failed to share critical details about the book project, including exactly when fans should expect it. “It will be coming out soon,” she had stated laconically.

Actually, the book, a dream project of hers, started as a memoir and ended as something else. Anyway, fans are seriously expectant.

It remains to be seen what the actress has penned in the upcoming book and what impact it will make on release. Stay tuned.

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