Julius Malema Sello And Wife Celebrate 7th Year Anniversary

EFF leader, Julius Malema Sello are celebrated 7 years of being married to each other.

We all love a litte show of love on our timelines. Every now and then, Mzansi celebs show off the people in their lives. This time, EFF leader, Julius Malema Sello has shown love to his wife as they celebrate their 7th year anniversary.

Mzansi wished Julius and Mantwa Matlala well when they tied the knot back in 2014. The couple has since been happily married to each other. To celebrate their 7th year anniversary, Malema took to social media to share a photo of them together.

In the captions, he also shared a sweet message to her. He called Mantwa the sailor steering the ship (their family), and himself and their children, the passengers. He also expressed his love for her and stated that they’re still going strong because of the love from their friends and family.

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