Julius Malema’s Message to Wife Mantwa Matlala Charms Mzansi

Beyond the heat of politics, EFF leader has apparently got a soft side. At least, that’s what many in South are saying following the note he wrote his wife on her birthday.

In a post to his verified page, had his wife Mantwa Matlala as a blessing to their children and to him, vowing to ensure, on behalf of himself and the boys, she had a great day.

He ended up describing Mantwa Matlala as a good mother to his children, adding he loves her too much.

South Africans were chuffed by his birthday message and they thronged the comments, effusive in their verdict of how wonderful a husband was to Mantwa Matlala.

Some ended up stating that would love to be blessed with a similar relationship where love reigns.

This isn’t the first time the EFF leader had shown his sweet side to Mantwa Matlala, though. Previously, when they celebrated their 7th  anniversary together, he’d penned her an equally sweet message.

Well, as some fans are saying, many the sweetness not run out in this union. Some solidarity. has been so consumed with politics that peeps appear to have forgotten he’s got another side to his person.

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