“Jump in the ocean,” Kelly Khumalo says to her haters

gets candid with the people who do not like her, and tells them to jump in the ocean.

Mzansi singer and businesswoman, is one of the country’s most successful celebs, and also one of the most criticized. Kelly has gotten so much hate on social media, but surprisingly, she never lets it get to her. She has never gone as far as leaving social media for anyone.

The “Empini” star has also continued to share her unfiltered opinion on several issues that sometimes lead to controversy. The Mzansi star recently posted a few suggestions for her haters. She simply told the people who don’t like her to either unfollow her or just jump in the Ocean.

Not too long ago, she gave some advice to her future man. She urged him to not be stingy with his money, and to always buy her whatever she wants no matter the cost.