June 2023 “Lost In Love” Teasers

In a riveting turn of events, the popular Indian television series, ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’, has been keeping its audience on the edge of their seats with a series of dramatic twists and turns. The show, which airs on Star Plus, has been garnering attention for its intriguing storyline and compelling character arcs. Here’s a sneak peek into the upcoming episodes for the month of June 2023.

Date Episode Synopsis
Thursday 1 June 2023 Episode 702 Pakhi is taken aback when she sees Virat caring for Sai instead of her, leading to her missing the bus exit before it plummets off a cliff. The Chavans subsequently grieve for Pakhi.
Friday 2 June 2023 Episode 703 Virat faces criticism for prioritizing Sai over Pakhi, and the police lose hope of finding Pakhi. Sai then embarks on a mission to find Pakhi, discovering her in a perilous situation.
Saturday 3 June 2023 Episode 704 The news of Pakhi’s death from the doctors leaves Virat and the Chavans devastated. Meanwhile, Sai makes every effort to bring Pakhi back to life.
Sunday 4 June 2023 Episode 705 Pakhi’s unexpected question leaves Sai at a loss for words; Virat seeks Pakhi’s forgiveness and vows to always stand by her.
Monday 5 June 2023 Episode 706 Pakhi’s firm decision to not let Virat care for her leaves him feeling disheartened. Pakji’s attitude towards Virat shocks the Chavans.
Tuesday 6 June 2023 Episode 707 Virat attempts to care for a wounded Pakhi, but she rebukes him for consistently favoring Sai. This leads Sai to decide to quit her job.
Wednesday 7 June 2023 Episode 708 Sai resigns, blaming herself for the issues in Virat and Pakhi’s relationship. Virat then proposes a honeymoon trip to Pakhi.
Thursday 8 June 2023 Episode 709 Virat seeks Pakhi’s forgiveness for not treating her as his wife and promises a new beginning with her; they renew their marriage vows.
Friday 9 June 2023 Episode 710 Before Pakhi and Virat depart for their honeymoon, Bhavani makes a surprising request. The couple then receives a romantic surprise.
Saturday 10 June 2023 Episode 711 Virat is taken aback when he learns about a past accident involving Sai and their first child. Sai feels downcast when Pakhi shares their honeymoon plans with her.
Sunday 11 June 2023 Episode 712 As Virat plans to uncover the truth about Vinayak, Pakhi urges him to start anew; Sai feels downcast, reminiscing about Virat.
Monday 12 June 2023 Episode 713 Sai becomes emotionally overwhelmed after sharing her story with Sahiba. Virat receives encouraging news from Abhimanyu, giving him hope of finding his son.
Tuesday 13 June 2023 Episode 714 On their way back, Pakhi and Virat encounter Sai, and Vinayak makes a shocking request to Virat. However, Virat rejects Vinayak’s suggestion, and Sai supports his decision.
Wednesday 14 June 2023 Episode 715 Virat visits the orphanage where his son was taken after the accident and finds the address where he is currently residing. Meanwhile, Bhavani makes a shocking revelation.
Thursday 15 June 2023 Episode 716 Pakhi becomes anxious when Vinayak disappears from the Chavan house. Virat visits Sheshadrei’s house to find his son and requests to meet Kartik.
Friday 16 June 2023 Episode 717 When Kartik appears before him, Virat becomes emotionally overwhelmed. Virat feels disheartened after learning the shocking truthabout Kartik’s biological history.
Saturday 17 June 2023 Episode 718 Virat is overjoyed when he discovers that Vinayak is his biological son. Meanwhile, Pratap threatens Sai by kidnapping Vinayak and Savi.
Sunday 18 June 2023 Episode 719 Sai, feeling helpless, contacts Ruhi and asks for her assistance in saving Savi and Vinayak. Meanwhile, Virat arrives at the location and confronts Pratap.
Monday 19 June 2023 Episode 720 Pulkit urgently calls Sai to attend to Pakhi, who is in a critical condition; Sai finds herself in a difficult situation when she is asked to make a crucial decision for Pakhi.
Tuesday 20 June 2023 Episode 721 After the surgery, Pakhi breaks down when she hears the news and lashes out at Virat; Sai is shocked when Virat tells her that their son Vinu is alive.
Wednesday 21 June 2023 Episode 722 Virat considers telling Sai about Vinayak’s true identity; he makes a decision that he later regrets.
Thursday 22 June 2023 Episode 723 Pakhi vows to take care of Virat and Vinayak forever and to never punish herself. Sai learns about Karishma’s affair and asks Jagthap to uncover the truth.
Friday 23 June 2023 Episode 724 When Pakhi finally comes home, Mohit accuses Karishma of having an affair; Karishma argues with him and decides to leave the house.
Saturday 24 June 2023 Episode 725 Virat becomes suspicious when Sai asks him to give her Anandi’s number. Later, Virat rushes to meet Dr. Ashok Kamble to hide the original information about Vinayak.
Sunday 25 June 2023 Episode 726 Sai loses hope and breaks down in tears when she fails to find out about her son. Sai makes a firm decision and sneaks into Bal Anath Ashram to collect the data.
Monday 26 June 2023 Episode 727 While stealing the data, the officials catch Sai and inform Virat about it. Later, Virat learns about Sai’s hidden intentions and offers her his support.
Tuesday 27 June 2023 Episode 728 While Sai is intrigued, Virat keeps the truth about Vinayak hidden and fabricates a story about him being no longer alive. What will Sai’s reaction be now?
Wednesday 28 June 2023 Episode 729 Pakhi reacts angrily to Virat, claiming that he is meeting with Sai since she is infertile. Bhavani meets Sai and accuses her of tearing the family apart.
Thursday 29 June 2023 Episode 730 Mohit is overwhelmed by the damage caused by Karishma. Virat tries to comfort Mohit. Virat discovers a startling fact about Karishma.
Friday 30 June 2023 Episode 731 Karishma confesses that the father of her child is Mohit and that she had an affair only to make him jealous. Sai’s suggestion surprises Virat.

As we wrap up the month, it’s clear that ‘Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin’ continues to captivate its audience with its gripping narrative and unexpected plot twists. The series promises more drama, emotion, and suspense in the coming episodes. Stay tuned to Star Plus to keep up with the unfolding drama in the lives of Virat, Sai, and Pakhi.

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