Justin Bieber Asked To Leave Hollywood Gym For Taylor Swift To Train

Justin Bieber was reportedly asked to leave the exclusive gym because Taylor Swift wanted to train alone.

The pop star and songstress, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have had another disagreement as Justin Bieber was told to vacate the gym because Taylor Swift had arrived for her appointment.

It is reported that Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift have been in loggerheads. In the past, the songstress had called out Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber’s manager. Scooter Braun is the official owner of albums created by Taylor Swift. This was as a result of copyright issues.

She had accused Scooter Braun of ‘bullying.’ Justin had shared a snap of him on FaceTime call with Kanye West and Scooter Braun. He captioned it:

Taylor swift what up.

At West Hollywood’s Dogpound Gym, Justin Bieber was asked, along with others, to vacate the place ‘because they had other appointments.’

It turned out that the celebrity was Taylor Swift and the two had been reported to have an ongoing beef.

It was reported that Justin’s entourage was adamant about him leaving because he had to finish his workout. However, reports have it that Justin did not book an appointment before arriving at the gym.

When Justin Bieber was asked about Taylor October last year with respect to their beef, Justin stated that they were ‘cool.’

He replied, despite the feud that had been rumoured:

We’ve always been cool.

Justin Bieber insisted that there was no beef between the two of them.

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