Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Reportedly Unable To Agree Over Having Kids Now

Word circulating on the global entertainment universe is that and his girl Hailey Baldwin are going through a rough patch in their relationship.

Sources close to the Canadian singer state that he’s been hankering to have kids for a while now. In contrast, Hailey is said to be unready for motherhood at the moment.

While she’s not averse to one day becoming a mother, she’s made it publicly clear that she’s not having kids this year.

That public admission, some fans noted, was a slap in the face of Justin Bieber, as well as an indication that she’s prioritized her career over her relationship and children.

Sources claim that was “devastated” by Hailey’s desire not to tow the children path just yet, especially so because she still considers her pretty young.

and Hailey Baldwin are known for always calling out anyone trying to suggest there’s a fissure in their relationship. So far, though, neither of them has said anything regarding a possible split over children.

Fans of their relationship are confident that the couple will work out things amicably and continue the beauty of their bond. But will they? It will be interesting to see what would follow.

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