Justin Bieber’s Skiing Adventure With Kendall Jenner, Nina Dobrev & Other Celebs

The slopes of Aspen, Colorado, were lit recently as Justin Bieber and some of his celebrity friends popped in there for some skiing adventure.

Every day, memories are made. But, of course, some memories stand out more than others. And if such memories are with close friends, chances are they would stick and those who get to notice might spread it to the public.

That was exactly what happened in the case of the Canadian singer, Justin Bieber. For his skiing adventure, Justin Bieber had the likes of Nina Dobrev, Kendall Jenner, and Shaun White with him. it is the first known time that he would have all of them with him on a skiing adventure.

Not surprisingly, the news of the group’s skiing trip gained traction in no time and had their fans chipping their thoughts in about it all. Some joked that the Canadian singer should have invited them as well and not limited him to Bobrev and co.

Justin Bieber'S Skiing Adventure With Kendall Jenner, Nina Dobrev &Amp; Other Celebs 1

Anyway, with his skiing trip with his associates, Justin Bieber, who was once recorded singing “Life is Worth Living,” has shown that it goes beyond singing. He could prove with his adventures that life is indeed worth living.

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