K Naomi “Conflicted” About This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just two days away, and confesses to being conflicted about that Day, which is celebrated globally as a day for lovers.

For one, according to her, her husband is indifferent to Valentine’s Day. The media personality shared this detail and more in recent posts to her Story.

While admitting her husband doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day, she noted that she does. And that kind of makes the whole thing hectic, she says.

She readily admitted, though, that last year, although indifferent to Valentine’s Day, her husband went all out for her. They celebrated that Day. And for this, she’s grateful.

Since her husband did the Valentine thing last year, he thinks this year should be K Naomi’s turn. That’s okay with her, though. At least, that way, they can be consistent.

But what exactly will follow this Valentine? In her Story, made no promises. She might just dress up and look pretty. Whatever happens, happens. You can check out her posts below.

is a lady seriously in love, and she uses every opportunity to excite her relationship and the joy she’s getting from it. Not surprisingly, some fans look up to her and her man for couple goals.

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