K Naomi Phakathi’s Stunning Maternity Shoot (Photos)

In early October last year, K Naomi Phakathi announced her second pregnancy. Of course, so much has happened since that time. The baby has grown in her womb and K Naomi herself has grown in gratitude, anticipating her big day.

As is traditional with most celebs she has been keeping her fans in the loop regarding her pregnancy, thinking as she does that they deserve to follow her in her pregnancy journey.

In a post on Instagram, she shared slides of herself rocking her baby bump with her right hand while in a sitting position. The second slide was more of a motivational quote.

In the said quote, she emphasised the vitality of embracing whatever stage of life one is in. The last part of the quote was more of a reminder. You can check out the post below.

Her fans are happy for her that she is back in her pregnancy journey. Some wanted to know when she is due to give birth. But that’s not one question that we see her answering.

As a rule, of course, most people keep their delivery dates. That’s one of the ways to stay safe. Well, here is to a successful delivery, K Naomi Phakathi.

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