K.O Announces New Music From Skhanda World In May – Watch

If you haven’t heard about the South African rapper K.O.’s Skhanda World record label for a while, you might want to chill and keep your eyes peeled because something new is on the horizon.

Yes. The songster himself gave some clues about what fans might expect in the coming days when he took to Instagram to share a date in May when, seemingly, new music would be released. There wasn’t any other detail besides the date he shared, which also had the name of his record label on it.

So, in more sense than one, as early as May 5, fans should expect a revitalization of his record label with the release of new music. Before then, more likely than not, the songster would share the cover art of the imminent projects and clue fans in on what would follow. You can check out his post below.

Skhanda World came to life following the demise of CashTime, a collective by which K.O continues to be known to this day (Mr CahTime). Anyway, with the promise of new music, K.O. has once again shown that he has great staying power. He is one of the veterans in the game, and he is clearly still relevant and memorable.

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