K.O Announces Skhanda World Will Start Releasing Records and Reveals Rappers Involved.

K.O announces plans to expand his brand, Skhanda World.

South African rapper, songwriter and businessman, K.O, has revealed his plans for expansion this year.

The award-winning rapper’s goal has always been to continue to progress and grow, irrespective of the obstacles that come his way. He has been an inspiration to several people for upholding the work ethic of fulfilling and expanding his dreams.

At the beginning of the year, the talented rapper had announced that his hit song, Supa Dupa, which bagged a nomination for Song Of The Year at SAHHA2019, went platinum.

The reason why K.O is much admired is that he has gone through some unpleasant experiences that made people assume that he would never pick up and get through them.

The Supa Dupa hitmaker reminded people that he is here to embrace all fears and make a mark by growing his fashion brand, Skhanda World, and dropping one of the best-selling albums titled, ‘PTYunLTD.’ He also bagged several nominations and awards.

The successful businessman has come out to make another huge announcement. He has revealed that his brand, Skhanda World, will start making records. He also revealed that rappers that will be in the rewarding initiative include Zingah, Tellaman, Mariechan, and K.O himself.

On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, Mr Cashtime had revealed on Instagram stories that there would be a possible collaboration with Tellaman, Mariechan, Loki and Zingah, as a way of growing his Skhanda World brand.

K.O’s hit song, ‘Caracara,’ earned him a nomination as Most Gifted Hip Hop at Chanel O Africa Music Video Awards. He is popular for his songs, Pretty Young Thing, Waya Waya, Above The Water, etc.

He recently released teaser videos from a video shoot. The talented rapper did not reveal the single’s name but we are all rooting for it.

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