K.O Believes “Luck” Is A Key To Success In The Music Industry

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SA Hip Hop star K.O says luck is one of the needed keys to success in the music industry.

We have seen some of the biggest stars in the industry put in work. Also, some put in as much work but aren’t as big as others. K.O, in a recent chat on The Sobering Podcast, said luck is needed as much as talented and hard work.

He said, “The thing about music and being an artist, yeah, cool, I would say you need ten percent or, let’s say, 30 talent, right? Then you need another twenty hard work now you got your fifty, another five percent may be of timing, stars-aligning, and sh*t. Then the remaining 45, luck my n**g, luck, simple,”

He further explained, “You could have the best record out and be the most talented mother***, have the best promo, luck is probably the dominating factor in this music sh*t bro, so sometimes you create your own luck,”