K.O Displays Sportsmanship, Congratulates AKA on Metro FM Awards Victory

Rapper K.O used Twitter to congratulate fellow musician AKA and his supporters on their achievement at the 2023 Metro FM Awards. K.O showed grace by congratulating AKA for winning four prizes, including Best Collaboration Song and Artist of the Year, for his posthumous album “Mass Country,” even though he lost in all seven categories for which he was nominated.K.o Displays Sportsmanship, Congratulates Aka On Metro Fm Awards Victory 2

The two rappers, seasoned performers in the South African hip-hop scene, were vying for prizes in several categories. Thanks to the backing of his devoted fan following, known as the Megacy, AKA ultimately triumphed.

K.o Displays Sportsmanship, Congratulates Aka On Metro Fm Awards Victory 3

Despite being upset personally, K.O’s message was favorably welcomed by fans who applauded him for his gracious approach to AKA’s victory. K.O. has acquired the label of “Greatest Of All Time” (GOAT) in the music industry, which some fans have even referred to him as.

While it was anticipated that K.O’s blockbuster song “SETE” would sweep the board, Betusile Mcinga’s gospel ballad “Ngena Noah” won Song of the Year. Despite this setback, K.O’s reputation in the South African music industry is still intact, and his courteous demeanor toward his contemporaries has won him the admiration of both his fans and other musicians.

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