K.O. Dismisses Claims He Does Not Write His Lyrics

Now and then we have seen rappers accused of not writing the verses in the songs they release. While some graciously acknowledge that they do not write them, some make it clear they do all the riting themselves.

South African rapper K.O. falls into the latter category. The Skhanda World boss has just rubbished claims that he doesn’t write the songs he croons all over the place.

A Twitter user (Tyla Ally) recently implied that K.O. might not be the one writing the verse of the songs he released. He was reacting to K.O.’s tweet in which he claimed to have sacrificed a lot financially for younger artists but have not recouped his investments in them.

K.O. found the claims incomprehensible and wondered what exactly Tyla was driving at. According to K.O., that other artists have people who write their songs for them does not mean that everyone does the same. He insists that he writes everything he raps. You can check out the conversation below.

K.O. is one of the oldies in the trenches of South African rap, with about two decades in the industry. The years may have passed but he has managed to remain musically relevant, unlike some of his contemporaries.

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