K.O. Has Never Listened To Big Zulu’s 150 Bars

“SETE” star K.O claims he has never listened to Big Zulu’s diss track “150 Bars.”

Last year, Big Zulu shook SA Hip Hop with his diss track “150 Bars.” The diss track was aimed at the prominent rapper in the SA Hip Hop scene including K.O, Emtee, Duncan, and more.,

K.O responded by dropping the “Omega Freestyle,” and all hell broke loose. However, while speaking to L-Tido, the “SETE” star revealed he has never listened to the track. He said he only saw the part where he was mentioned in it.

“I promise you; I’ve never heard the full track to this day; this is not no cap or nothing. Im not trying to make light of hommie. Here’s what happened, so the hommie drops, let me walk you through it. Like that day, like I said, in the morning my record comes out, Sete comes out first thing in the morning it’s moving already, so im seeing all the mentions you know like the response is good.”

He continued, “I saw the mentions right, so they had either a screenshot or quoting the section that the hommie mentioned me that’s all I heard. So when I say I didn’t hear the record I didn’t have to hear this n**ga going off about Duncan because it had nothing to do with me.”

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