K.O. On Giving Skhanda World Artists More Room To Do Things Themselves

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Rapper K. O. has just given some insights into the evolving universe of Skhamda World, a record label he founded a while back, which now has several artists signed to it.

It is common knowledge that record label executives usually get involved in the creative process of the artists they sign. And indeed K.O. was toeing a similar line in the past. But he appears to have had a rethink and has left his “boys” to do their kings themselves without interfering in them.

During a recent sit-down, the songster pointed out that he was leaving his artists, especially young horns like Loki and Roiii, to do things on their own so he doesn’t interfere in the creative process.

According to him, both rappers are currently in the studio and creating things but he is not as involved in “building” their music as he was in the past, as he doesn’t want to influence what they put together. They have the freedom to do as they please in the studio. He would see the end result.

His decision not to get too involved has led to mixed reactions, with some netizens supporting him and some pointing out that the musicians still need his input in their careers.