K.O. On No Longer Being Heavily Invested In Building SkhandaWorld Artists’ Music

If you have been thinking that South African rapper K.O. does not appear to be as invested in the artists signed to his Skhanda Word record label as he used to be, you are not alone.

But then, the rapper has just given reasons for his decision not to get too involved in the creative processes of songs by artists signed to his record label. According to him, he wants to ensure that credits for the music by the artists are rightfully earned by the musicians themselves.

By getting too involved, the musician might not earn that. So he made the conscious decision to scale back his involvement. It’s been a good run so far, as none of them is complaining about the decision. At least, there is no record that any one of them has objected to that decision.

Skhanda World is a thriving universe with several artists signed to it, including Loki and Roiii. It doubles not only as a record label but as a fashion brand as well. Just recently, it unveiled its spring/ summer collection, with several top industry names like Nadia Nakai and Moozlie showcasing designs from the brand.

K.O. has come a long way as a rapper and is today justly recognized as one of the notable voices in the game.

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