K.O. On Not Oversharing About His Personal Life

Social media is like a canvas in which people paint their lives as they please. While some people tend to share and overshare, there are those who are circumspect about sharing too much. They would rather keep much of their lives away from the public eye.

One such celeb is the South African rapper K.O. He gave insight into his style in a recent interview. According to the Skhanda World boss, he sees himself as an ordinary person who just enjoys making good music.

He said he is happy to bring fans in a little more but would not be blackmailed into oversharing his personal life. Indeed, true to his words, the songster doesn’t share much. For instance, if you should ask some South Africans whether K.O. is married or has children, they would tell you they don’t know. And that is because K.O. would rather keep a lot of things close to his chest.

K.O. has been in the music industry for about two decades now. He has managed to remain relevant at a time when his contemporaries appeared to have faded out of the scene. He remains one of the most respected rap figures as well, combining music with entrepreneurship.

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