K.O On Possible CashTime Reunion

Groups come and go. Depending on what impact they make, fans might want to see them reunite again, and that’s exactly what’s playing out right now.

Cashtime was a South African collective now defunct. It was one of the memorable hues in South ’s bright tapestry. No more. However, some fans still look back at the Cashtime days with fond memories.

And now, a tweeter had suggested the collective reuniting again in the tradition of other collectives around the world [named]. But what does “Mr Cashtime” K.O has to say about this cal;l for a reunion?

Replying to the fans who had asked for a Cashtime reunion, the songster had noted the members of the defunct collective can’t force things. However, he also made it clear that Skhanda World, a collective that emerged from the ashes of Skhanda World, would drop something for the music-loving world soon.

He gave no details about that. He merely asked fans to stay tuned for it. Anyway, as the leading South African music and entertainment blog, you can count on us to share with you all what K.O and his associates should release in the coming days. So, follow us and stay tuned for updates.

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