K.O On Requests Challenging Him To Go Against Khuli Chana On A Battle Of Who Has The Dopest Tracks

Between the two talented rappers, K.O and Khuli Chana, who do you think have the best music, right from being in groups and going solo?

The Gemini Major and Tweezy battle over who has the best beats in the South African hip hop industry has left fans eager to see more.

Hip hop, as we all know, is a scene that is filled with competition and feuds over who is the best. What people find fascinating about the genre is to see the best rappers in the industry challenge themselves over who is the best.

A fan of South African hip hop has revealed how he would be excited to see Khuli Chana and K.O thrill their fans with awesome performances as they go on a battle.

The fan was joined by many others as they pleaded for the notable rappers to go in a battle as they compare their old and new releases as well as the songs that they released while still in musical groups and the ones released after they went solo.

K.O and Khuli Chana are notable artists in the South African music industry that has been in the music scene for a very long time. They are two artists that can go against each other because of their similarities.

A distinctive feature about the two artists is the fact that they still remain relevant after so many years and have adapted to the changing styles and sounds of the hip hop game.

How do we judge that their old hits are classic in comparison with the modern releases? This will be revealed if they go on a battle. While K.O might be interested in their fans’ request, Khuli Chana has not responded.

Check out K.O’s reaction:

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