K.O Open At Having Teargas Reunion Concert To Celebrate 15 Years

K.O is interested in reuniting with Teargas members.

Fans of the Teargas members have been pleading for years that they reunite or even collaborate on a song. Their requests were not answered and even when they did, the fans were replied with brutal comments.

Some people have blamed K.O’s announcement on the lockdown. This is because after several years, the talented rapper, K.O, has finally given fans a little hope about their reunion.

A fan had requested that the teargas members reunite for at least one time before the coronavirus pandemic take a larger effect on the people. The ‘Supa Dupa’ hitmaker replied to the fan’s request.

Posting pictures of two old albums released by the group, the fan wrote as the caption:

I was thinking Teargas should give us one last show before we all die. We are not asking for a reunion. Just one last show while they all still alive. People would show up in numbers. @MrCashTime.

K.O had made it clear to his fans in the past years that they should not look forward to any reunion. The talented rapper had endured a lot of problems while he was still with the group. Thereafter, he decided to slip from the group and went solo.

K.O has given us hope as he revealed that he is looking forward to reuniting with the group for a concert. The reunion might be held next year if the members agree to it. K.O’s separation from the group was not on a pleasant term.

K.O wrote:

Next year marks 15 years of our debut album k’shubile k’bovu. A celebratory concert would great.

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