K.O. Premieres “Rockabye” Video Featuring Toss — Watch

South African rapper K.O. has finally released the Visuals for his “Rockabye” tune with Toss. It was a long time coming, but the result is as beautiful as the song at the time of release.

When K.O. released a teaser of the song in the beginning, it went viral in no time. The traction was impressive, encouraging him to go ahead with releasing the full piece, which also blew many away.

From the look of things, the music video will do the same magic. The collaborative synergy between K.O. and Toss is not something that can be missed. They flowed so well together that one ended up longing to see them together once again.

With the release of the visual for the song, likely, those who may have forgotten about the song will remember it, and those who may not have listened to it previously will be motivated to check it out.

Either way, K.O. and Toss win, and so do the fans themselves — they get to embrace a video that prises them out of the grip of boredom. You’re welcome to check out the visuals below and see why the two musicians behind this song are such a hit together. Come on!

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