K.O. Reacts To Lady Du’s Interview With The Episode Podcast

South African rapper K.O. has responded to Lady Du’s interview on “The Episode Podcast,” giving his thoughts on their beef, which has been of great interest to MZansi for a while now.

The controversy between them started after Lady Du claimed that the songster’s soaraway track “SETE” didn’t make it to gold status within a few days as was claimed online. Not one to duck a good fight, K.O. had responded with a diss track titled “Forecast 23.”

In that track, he took swipes at Lady Du and her claims about his “SETE” song, noting how the number keeps making inroads in the world of certifications despite her damaging claims about it.

It turned out Lady Du was not in the mood to back down, as she addressed their beef and several other issues during an interview appearance on “The Episode Podcast,” which you can check out below.

Reacting to her interview and their conflict, K.O. said that it is the usual artist shit, and it applies to the conflict he has or might have with other artists as well. About NOTA, who had claimed that K.O. had a hand in AKA’s death, the rapper described K.O. as nothing more than a maniac.

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